Hello from Wellington!

It started with two ginormous babies, an addiction to too many cups of tea, a tendency to sneeze too much, and a lackluster effort in strengthening my pelvic floor muscles. The end result – bladder leakage!

Initially I wore disposable panty liners when I thought I may need them. But bladder leakage is unpredictable. Over time I started wearing liners (and then pads) every day – just in case. Sometimes I needed them. Sometimes I didn’t. Deep down I knew, my approach wasn’t good enough. I didn’t like the waste. I didn’t like having to constantly buy them, and they were constantly failing me. Something needed to change.

It took many attempts to build a product that I was happy with. But when I finally did it – boy - did I breathe a sigh of relief! Being able to run again with just leakproof undies and no pad is absolutely amazing! I was comfy and dry, and I remember excitedly thinking – You will never need to buy disposable products again!

For those who purchase my products, my wish is that you too, gain that feeling of freedom and confidence when wearing them, and the knowledge that you are contributing positively to the environment.

I hope you love them as much as I do!  xxoo


Tamsin Somerville

CEO and Founder, Vivo Bodywear

Tamsin Somerville, CEO & Founder, Vivo Bodywear

Join me and ditch that single-use pad/liner and make the change to reusable absorbent underwear today! Feel Dry, Comfy, and Protected with Vivo Bodywear!