Frequently Asked Questions

How do I wash my Vivo Bodywear underwear?

  • Wash before wear to activate the absorptive powers.
  • Rinse after use in cold water. Then leave in the washing machine or the laundry tub until you are ready to do your next load of washing.
  • Wash using a warm gentle machine wash (40°c). Preferably in a laundry bag. 
  • Do not use bleach or fabric softeners as they hinder the special powers of the undies.  
  • Hang dry or tumble dry on a low heat.
  • Do not iron. Do not dryclean. 

Why can’t I use fabric softener or soaking agents on my Vivo Bodywear?

Fabric softener and soaking agents allows chemicals to build up on the fabric layers, which will decrease the amount of liquid it will absorb. It also stops the moisture-wicking and anti-microbial technology from working.

Why can’t I soak in warm or hot water?

Soaking helps the blood set into the material. If you are worried about stains a better option is to first rinse in cold water and then spray on some anti-stain spray, and then wash as normal when ready.

Can I put my period / bladder-leak underwear in the dryer?

Yes – but only on low/medium. Alternatively line dry. Or pop them on your heated towel rail. 

Where is the underwear made and how ethical is the manufacturing?

The Vivo Bodywear underwear is manufactured in India. I chose this factory because I’ve been able to see them in action and I love their honesty and the transparent working environment. They are committed to eco-friendly practices and follow an ethical manufacturing policy. This means that:

  • employees of all levels are treated with respect
  • employees are paid a fair, legal wage
  • employees work reasonable hours and are working at-will: with no bonded labour, no underage employment, the doors are unlocked, and they are free to leave at any time
  • employees experience a safe work environment, meaning that repairs are made, and safety equipment is available.
  • where applicable, employees receive benefits and healthcare.

Where can I buy Vivo Bodywear products?

Currently you can purchase via and via Amazon US - click here and Amazon UK - click here for the Amazon UK store

What payment methods do you take?

We accept payment via Visa, Mastercard, Amex, PayPal, Afterpay, Shop Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

How long will my Vivo Bodywear undies last?

The Vivo Bodywear underpants will last up to 250 washes, but the moisture wicking and quick-dry properties will become less effective after 80 washes. 

How long can you wear period or bladder leak undies for?

Period and bladder leak underwear are similar to sanitary pads when it comes to absorbency. How long you can wear a pair for will depend on a number of factors including the heaviness of your flow, and the absorbency level of the underwear.

Your tolerance for feeling a little wet as the underwear begins to reach capacity is also a factor, but due to the material used its likely that your period and bladder-leak underwear will feel dry and comfortable for longer than a disposable sanitary pad. Unless you have a particularly heavy flow you can usually wear one pair all day, then use a fresh pair overnight. 

Will I smell?

No! Vivo Bodywear has been specially designed with a super absorbent anti-odour middle layer.

But don’t forget to rinse your underwear after use and pop them in the washing machine to wait until you are ready to do your next load.

Will I feel wet?

Vivo Bodywear has a special top layer that has been chosen to keep you feeling dry. You will be amazed! Try them today and discover for yourself! 

How often will in need to change my Vivo Bodywear undies?

Everyone's monthly flow or bladder leaks will be different. As a general rule, change your Vivo Bodywear undies as often as you would normally change a disposable pad or tampon.

For me, I change after a run in the morning and then a clean pair lasts me all day. When I'm on my monthly, I find I need the 'heavy absorbency' for the first day of my period and then I drop down to a moderate for day two and a light for the remainder of my period.

What does it feel like to wear period underpants?

They feel like regular undies but with a slightly thicker section of material between your legs (aka the gusset pad). The gusset pad is built into the undies and is not removable. The higher the absorbency of the undies, the thicker the pad. 

When you are on your heaviest day of your period you may notice it feels slightly damp on your girly parts after you have gone to the bathroom. This is because the air temperature has cooled down the gusset for a moment and within 2-3 seconds of wearing them again you will not notice this damp feeling.  

The top layer of the gusset is designed to keep you feeling dry. The liquid soaks into the middle gusset layers and does not go further. Throughout the day some of the liquid evaporates away and some of the liquid is naturally wiped away when you wipe your privates after going toilet.   

Since the top layer of the gusset is black it effectively hides your bodily fluid, making it easy to forget that you are on your period. Definitely well worth giving them a try.

Do you wear a pad with period undies? 

No! No extra absorbency products are needed. Trust them and wear just like regular undies. 

Can I wear period underpants for bladder leaks? 

Not always, but yes if it's Vivo Bodywear undies. Often period undies only hold small amounts of liquid because the average female loses about 30-40mls of blood during her period. For perspective, a regular tampon holds 5mls. As such period underpants will often hold 5-10mls maximum.

Vivo Bodywear comes in 4 different absorbency styles - 20mls, 40mls, 80mls and 120ml, which makes them perfect for bladder leaks as well as heavy period flow. Vivo Bodywear was originally designed for incontinence and as such only the lower absorbency briefs will be needed for menstrual flow. 

How common is incontinence?

1 in 3 women experience incontinence.
Source: NZ Continence Association & Health Navigator NZ

I just peed my pants!
Said millions of people everywhere.

No worries, with Vivo Bodywear's absorbent, washable leakproof underwear, we've got you covered!