Vivo Bodywear Sustainability Policy

Vivo Bodywear is committed to heathy business practices, minimizing waste and re-using/re-purposing resources wherever possible.

This policy applies to workplace and organisational activities. The policy includes five key principles.





A six-month review will take place to ensure that everything that comes into the business really needs to be there. This includes packaging, office supplies/equipment, and sample materials.


All office equipment will be reusable. This includes daily-use items such as coffee cups and hand towels, but also long-term items will be re-purposed, such as second-hand desks and storage facilities.


All office waste will be recycled, if possible.

Transport and travel


Wherever suitable:

- meetings requiring transport will instead use video conferencing

- employees will use the company electric vehicle when required to travel for work

- working from home is supported.



Ensure suppliers and products chosen show a commitment to sustainability whenever possible. This includes suppliers of Vivo Bodywear products, office supplies and packaging.


Forward goals for the business 2023

Objective 1: Improve packaging so that everything is either recyclable or biodegradable.

Objective 2: Ensure ALL office food scraps go into the compost bin and teach others about how easy it is to recycle.

Objective 3: Increasingly work and partner with like-minded eco-focused organisations. 

To be reviewed/updated by 30 June 2023.