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The Vivo Bodywear range has been designed for ultra-high absorbency to ensure that when you sit down (and compress your undies) you don’t feel any dampness.

FOR PERIODS: The average female loses about 2 - 3 tablespoons or 30-40mls of blood during her period. Teenagers often have lighter periods, while those with heavy periods may lose closer to 80mls plus.

The Moderate Absorbency range is perfect for the heavy flow at the start of a period. The Regular Absorbency range absorbs up to 20mls (equivalent to 4 tampons) and is more than capable of absorbing your flow for the remainder of your period. Unless you experience super heavy periods, you will not need the Heavy Absorbency range for periods. This range is designed more for bladder leaks.



Regular absorbency (20mls) - for unexpected bladder leaks, such as when you cough, sneeze, or laugh with glee!

Moderate absorbency (40mls) - for more than a trickle but less than a gush. For when you know it’s likely to happen, e.g. exercise.

Heavy absorbency (80mls) - for more than a gush but less than a flood.

Maxi absorbency (120mls) - for incontinence, postpartum bleeding and reassurance.