Why use period underwear?

Why use period underwear?
Below are some key reasons why you should ❇ give Vivo Bodywear period underwear a try. ❇
1 They’re amazingly comfy – no more chunky pads that move & bunch up, or insertables that don’t suit everyone ✔ 
2 They’re super easy – because they feel and look just like regular undies ✔
3 The environment and ever-increasing landfills will love you – because single-use pads take over 500yrs to decompose ✔
4 The pipes will love you – because after flushing, tampons expand when wet, making it easier for other items to get snagged, creating expensive pipe blockages ✔
5 They’re reusable – just wash them with your regular load and save money every time you use them ✔
6 They’re stylish, pretty, and available in multiple different colours and patterns ✔
7 They’re discrete and effective, keeping you feeling dry and protected all day or night ✔
8 They’re always handy, in any situation. No accidents, no being caught out. Just pop them on and go about your day ✔
Discover the range today at vivobodywear.com 
Just a little kiwi business trying to reduce waste that will take far longer than my lifetime to decompose. 😊

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