Bikini briefs

The bikini range comes in three different absorbency styles and three colours - black, blush and spring-belle.

You will be amazed at how great these are! Not only are they stylish, comfy and environmentally friendly but they are also infused with anti-odour and anti-bacterial properties, so you will feel fresh and dry all day long! 

The bikini briefs are great for exercise, travel and every day activities.  They are also perfect for tweens and teens who could benefit from a super easy transition into womanhood. Or for those needing some bladder leak protection during the day or night.

Gift them to someone special. Think: daughters, granddaughters and little sisters.
 Size 10 girls = 2XS womens; Size 12 girls = XS womens; Size 14 girls = S womens

Simply perfect for pee, periods and perspiration

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