The ultimate guide to reducing crotch sweat!

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What causes crotch sweat? And how to reduce it!

Most people sweat between the legs when they’re exercising or on a hot day. But no worries because it’s completely normal. It’s your body’s natural way of cooling itself down. Alas, some of us sweat more than others. Which can sometimes be a tad awkward. Your private parts in particular are prone to sweating more because its warm, hairy, and full of sweat glands and bacteria down there. On top of that, if (like me) you are carrying a little extra weight on your hips or thighs, then this can increase the groin’s temperature even more because fat insulates your body.

Some reasons why a woman might have extra sweat in the groin area and inner thighs include:

  • changing hormone levels e.g. when experiencing menopause or pregnancy
  • low blood sugar levels
  • stress or anxiety disorders
  • obesity
  • diabetes, which may include night sweats
  • hyperthyroidism, and
  • unfortunately, many of us sweat more when we’re on our period. Which is completely unfair - am I right?

The problem is – your crotch area rarely gets to breathe – so sweating can cause irritation, chaffing, itching and odour. Which is less than ideal. And to be frank – quite inappropriate.

How to reduce crotch sweat?

The best things you can do to reduce crotch sweat is to:

  • keep yourself dry down below
  • change out of sweaty workout clothes quickly. Which I can tell you, from personal experience, can make a huge difference on reducing chaffing and a nasty inner-leg rash!
  • wear loose fabrics when possible, to allow air-flow
  • trim or remove pubic hair
  • shower more often, particularly after a workout or sweat session, and lastly
  • wear moisture-wicking underwear, as this can be an absolute lifesaver. Regular underwear often uses fabrics that absorb moisture, so you feel wet and nasty all day. Whereas moisture-wicking underwear is made of special fabrics that draws moisture (such as sweat) away from your body rather than just absorbing it. This lets the sweat evaporate easier, keeping your girly parts feeling fresh and comfy.

What you don’t want is to use an absorbing underwear (e.g. period underwear) that uses fabric treated with a water repellent coating. Because this makes them water-resistant i.e. the fabric does not absorb any liquid. Which also means it will not absorb any sweat and instead will leave you feeling icky, particularly when exercising or doing anything active.

Whereas Vivo Bodywear, designed for pee, periods and perspiration, uses a special antibacterial sweat-wicking fabric to pull moisture away from the skin, keeping you fresh and dry down-below. While the anti-odour technology works together with the super-absorbent fibres to lock-in liquids and prevent embarrassing smells. But the best part is – they look and feel just like regular everyday underwear.

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