Removing the smell of urine from clothing. Best underwear for bladder leakage, best bladder control underwear, best washable incontinence underwear, womens health, pelvic health, reusable

Key tips for removing the smell of urine from clothing

The longer urine has remained on the fabric the worse it smells. So don’t delay.  Start by drinking more water – as it will reduce the potency of the urine. Next step is to use a washing detergent containing enzymes. Next...

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What should I wear for crotch sweat? Why does my groin sweat? Is it pee or sweat? Is it sweat or bladder leaks? Best underwear for crotch sweat, best bladder leakage underwear, best washable incontinence underwear

The ultimate guide to reducing crotch sweat!

What causes crotch sweat? And how to reduce it! Most people sweat between the legs when they’re exercising or on a hot day. But no worries because it’s completely normal. Alas, some of us sweat more than others. Which can sometimes be a tad awkward.

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Incontinence underwear, incontinence products, washable incontinence underwear NZ, bladder leak underwear. Will a caesarean protect me from pelvic floor complications such as bladder leaks

Will a caesarean protect me from pelvic floor complications such as bladder leaks?

When preparing for childbirth, you can receive a lot of advice. But what is often not discussed during pregnancy or pre-birthing classes is the topic of incontinence post birth. Yet, women who have delivered a baby vaginally are twice as likely to develop stress incontinence compared to women who have delivered via caesarean.

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Incontinence when coughing, incontinence underwear review, why do I pee a little when I cough sneeze or laugh, Bladder leak causes, symptoms and treatments.

Why does my bladder leak when I’m coughing?

Just standing on two legs puts pressure on your pelvic floor muscles. When you increase that pressure, through activities such as coughing, sneezing, laughing, and lifting, then it puts even more stress on the bladder and urethra, resulting in – you guessed it – bladder leakage!

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